Gig Economy:  It's Not Just For Millennials

Gig Economy: It's Not Just For Millennials

| March 15, 2018
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While the emergence of the Gig economy often is attributed to Millennials, MBO Partners’ 2017 survey found the full-time Gig workforce is a generational mash-up. It includes:
• 38 percent Millennials (ages 21 to 37)
• 27 percent Gen Xers (ages 38 to 52)
• 35 percent Baby Boomers (ages 53 to 72) and Matures (ages 72 and older)
Full-time independents work at least 15 hours per week and average 35 hours per week.
While the term ‘Gig economy’ may conjure images of ride-sharing drivers and homeowners who rent to vacationers, it includes a much broader swath of careers and many people who earn six figures. So, what do Gig economy jobs look like? According to and
Forbes, some of the top gigs include:
• Deep learning professionals. Facilitating machines learning by developing neural networks similar to those of the human brain.
• Robotics designers and programmers. Responsible for building and designing mechanical elements and machinery to streamline operations.
• Ethical hackers. ‘White hats’ help companies evaluate systems for security vulnerabilities.
• Virtual reality freelancers. They develop algorithms and have 3D modeling and scanning skills.
• Social media marketers. Understand platform algorithms and create engaging content to help companies develop their brands and market their products on a platform.
• Multimedia artists. Employ technology to create designs and special effects for digital media.
• Broadcast and sound engineering technicians. Sound is a vital part of radio programs, television broadcasts, concerts, and movies.
• Carpenters. Demand for carpenters is expected to grow by 6 percent through 2024.
• Delivery truck drivers. This may change with the debut of self-driving delivery trucks.
If you’re a risk taker looking for a flexible career or a retiree looking to supplement your income, a job in the Gig economy may be just the ticket.

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