How Many Ways Can You Say Money?

How Many Ways Can You Say Money?

| April 08, 2021
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Slang is used by groups of people to distinguish themselves from other groups. Sometimes, slang terms become so well known, they are adopted for general use. See what you know about money slang by taking this brief quiz.

  1. In Australia, the smallest coin in value and physical size is known as:
    1. Shrapnel
    2. Toonie
    3. Bob
    4. Dosh


  1. Which of the following foods is not a slang term for money?
    1. Cabbage
    2. Chips
    3. Cheddar
    4. Pickles


  1. In the 1800s, the name of an American political party included a slang term for money. What was it called?
    1. Spondilux Party
    2. Long Green Party
    3. Greenback Party
    4. Moolah Party


  1. If you wanted to say, “one dollar,” which term would you choose?
    1. Benjamin
    2. Simoleon
    3. Yard
    4. Sawbuck


photo by:  Money falling from the sky © Dmitry Ersler |

Quiz Answers:

  1. A – Shrapnel
  2. D – Pickles
  3. C – Greenback Party
  4. B – Simoleon


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