How Would You Ask For A Raise?

How Would You Ask For A Raise?

| August 30, 2018
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When CNBC asked business author Suzy Welch how someone should ask for a raise she explained, “The key…is an approach that includes research and emphasizes your achievements.” She recommended three basic steps:
1. Time your request right. Ask after a big win, a positive performance review, or when being asked to accept more responsibility.
2. Prove your case. Be prepared to explain why you deserve a raise, including your achievements and results.
3. Establish a time frame for action. If your boss isn’t prepared to provide an answer immediately, end your meeting by asking when you can expect a response.
This is sound advice.
When Willy Appelman of Fast Company asked children at the Underhill Playground how they would ask a boss for a raise, the kids believed the keys to success were good manners, hard work, baked goods, and physical appearance. Here are some of their recommendations:
• “Ask them politely and say: Can I please have a raise because I’ve been really working hard this week.”
• “Go up to your boss and say: Is it okay if I have some more money?”
• “Be confident and try your best.”
• “I would give them desserts, like pastry and cookies.”
• “Make sure you look weaker than your employer so they have power and they might feel merciful...”
If you recently received a raise or a bonus (or expect to), you may want to give some serious thought to how you will to use the additional income – spend it, save it, or do some of both – and how your choices will affect your taxes. If you’d like to discuss your options, give us a call.  231-720-0619

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