Our Exclusive Market Navigator

Let Us Help You Protect Your Investments.

The Market Navigator is designed to help protect investors from bear market damage to their portfolios.

SIGNALING COMPONENT. The Market Navigator utilizes the S&P 500 Equal Weight Exchange Traded Fund as its primary signaling component. By using an ETF with an equal weighting of 500 stocks from 12 sectors, we gain a comprehensive view of overall market dynamics.

TREND FOLLOWING COMPONENT. It has at its core, a trend following component combined with a stop loss signal. Our tool is designed to allow expected market volatility. Activity beyond this level drives our rules-based process.

BACK TESTING. The Market Navigator is not designed to predict the normal ebbs and flows of the market. Markets by their nature may become volatile and we cannot safeguard against this. What our system will not do is to ride down an extended bear market.

It is important to understand that this indicator will not work in the event of a sudden and catastrophic event. Such an event would only become obvious after the fact. Take the World Trade Center Attack on 9/11, for example. The back testing of the Market Navigator shows that we would have been out of the market, not because of prior knowledge of the event, but because of market activity that had taken place previously. Had the event occurred during a bull market we would have been fully invested and thus experienced all of the nearly 10% drop that occurred the day the market opened following the event.

PROTECTING PRINCIPAL. We utilize the Market Navigator to help protect a portion of a client’s portfolio from the adverse effects of bear markets. The specific portion is up to each client. We view this as an excellent tool that is part of an overall investment plan and allocation.

*While we believe that this is a good strategy for managing equity risk we acknowledge that we cannot predict how this strategy will perform in the future. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Any views and strategies described may not be suitable for all investors and are subject to investor risk. Please do your own due diligence before joining this strategy or making investments that in any way are influenced by such strategy.