Portfolio Management

“Investment knowledge and investment discipline
are the hallmarks of successful investment outcomes.”

At Braeburn Wealth Management our investment approach, and the approach we take to portfolio construction, is a process designed to minimize human emotion and subjective input. When we build and maintain portfolios we rely upon quantitative tools to select specific securities and to address risk. We favor process and number crunching over emotion and guessing.

Our Braeburn 21 Stock Portfolio uses three distinct quantitative selection tools to arrive at the securities for each of the three component parts (Growth, Core Growth, and Value). Only stocks meeting our strict criteria make it into the portfolio. This portfolio seeks to provide growth over time.

Our Braeburn Income Strategy similarly uses a quantitative process to identify securities with attractive and growing yields. This process seeks to provide an alternative to investors dismayed by current low dividend and interest rate levels and who want to see their income grow over time.

Our Braeburn ETF Portfolios provide broad, low-cost market exposure (learn more about Exchange Traded Funds, at www.ishares.com) enhanced by a non-subjective strategy to increase or decrease market exposure based upon market underpinnings. Again here we are looking to minimize human emotional involvement in seeking attractive returns.

In addition to the above strategies we may utilize the following types of investments in customizing client portfolios:

  • No load mutual funds
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Corporate, municipality or government bonds
  • Precious metal funds
  • Convertible securities
  • Publicly traded limited partnerships
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

There is no guarantee that the above strategies will not lose value and/or capture positive returns over any time period. No strategy can assure a profit or protect against a loss.